"David & Staff, thanks for your attention to details. I appreciate it very much.”

“It is so pleasant to be able to sit on my deck and have breakfast this morning with NO MOSQUITOES! Thank you so much! I want our entire neighborhood to purchase your services!!”
Sallie Wilgus
Atlanta, GA

“I really like our tech. He is a super nice man, is professional, on time, etc. I trust having him in my home. Just wanted to let you know what a value he is to your company!”
Teresa Fischer
Marietta, GA

“We are very satisfied with Bo’s service. Very polite, very helpful, excellent employee. Definitely an asset to your company."
Eleanor Schaltenbrand
Marietta, GA

“Bo is very good at treating my bugs. He’s knowledgeable and accurately treats each kind. Very Personable and always uses the goofy “slippers” to keep my carpets clean.”
Donna Sims
Marietta, GA

“Thank you for your good service.”
Vicki Nix
Acworth, Ga

“Brad is always very willing to work with our schedule.”
Frances Grayson
Hixson, TN

“Eric is a very professional and courteous specialist who knows his job and always shows that he enjoys what he’s doing.”
Tom Langmann
Chattanooga, TN

“John has been my tech for years. He is always dependable, courteous, and helpful.”
Jean Baker
Buford, GA

“We have nothing but praise for our specialist. He is the best!”
Suwanee, GA

“John is a very polite person, and does a great job. He is always on time and explains everything he does.”
Robert Boldin
Buford, GA

“We love Keith. He is very helpful w/scheduling. Have to say he loves his job and bugs!”
Kim Coody
Snellville, GA

“I am very happy with the service my tech provides. He is always courteous and suggests ways to prevent old problems from reoccurring. Even when I am not home, he will look for evidence of old problems (ants around steps, etc.) and treat any developing issues as well. He knows I have pets, and takes extra care around them.”
Susan Darr
Alpharetta, GA

“John always goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy with the service. He is an asset to your company.”
Ashley Smith
Canton, GA

‘I recommend Bug Busters to everyone!” “Thank you”
Robin Stone
Ooltewah, TN

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our service! Anytime we have had a problem (ants, hornets nest, or any kind of bug) Bug Busters have been quick to come out and help us. Truly great guys!”
Doug McNeil
Hixson, TN

“William is AWESOME! He is very knowledgeable, very courteous, very patient with my concerns and explanations, so friendly and an excellent representative of your company.”
Debra Harper
Huntersville, NC

“Ricky is very polite and is very knowledgeable. He is concerned with my problems and does an excellent job at finding solutions.”
James Mackey
Mt. Holly, NC

“Mike IS wonderful. He will come out multiple times in the same week if needed. My daughter got married last may, and we had the rehearsal dinner (for 50) at our house. Two weeks before the dinner, ants showed up in the kitchen. Mike kept coming out till they were all gone. He was a life saver.”
Carolyn Jenkins
Acworth, GA

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Tips for Winter More Tips

Prolonged storage of garments/fabrics. To prevent carpet beetle, cloth moth and other fabric insect damage, avoid prolonged storage of unused garments, bedding, any fur or animal pelts, old wool rugs, or upholstered furniture.

Food storage areas. Keep kitchen cabinets, pantry areas and other food storage areas clean and remove crumbs or food particles, as exposed food attracts insects. Use older products before newer ones, and opened packages first.

When purchasing packaged food, be certain containers are sealed. Check the packaging date. Packages with clear plastic or wax paper coverings should be checked for food-infesting moth larva and other insects.

Improper food storage practices. Store dried foods in insect proof containers such as screw top glass, heavy plastic, or metal containers. This prevents entry or escape of Indian Meal Moths and other pantry pests.

Purchase dried food in packages that can be used up in a short time. With families of our own, we realize the benefits to purchasing in bulk, however, whenever possible keep foods in dry storage less than 2 to 4 months.

Broken basement windows, warped doors, holes in the foundation, or unscreened vents. These are invasion routes for mice, rats and even squirrels. Close bulkhead doors tightly. Cover vents with metal grillwork, backed by rust resistant screening.

Trash containers clean, covered, and lined with plastic trash bags. Keep trash containers clean, covered, and lined with plastic trash bags to reduce this food source for cockroaches and rodents.

Pet food unsealed or left out overnight. Indian Meal Moths and other pantry pests will infest pet and bird food if left accessible. Keep pet and bird food sealed and unavailable to these pests. Rats and Mice will also feed on pet and bird foods.